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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


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Glad you have figured out the sewing with knits but don't be afraid of sergers.. they are wonderful machines and a super simple to use.. well worth saving your pennies for!



Thanks for this- I've never sewn with ball point needles before. I've frequently been incredibly frustrated with sewing knits- fingers crossed!

Barbara Cannon

Thanks for your tips. I have been reading all I can on how to sew stretch and knits. I already have a serger, but with great trepidation, I am going to start making my granddaughter's skate dresses. . I have not sewed in several years, preffering to do other things. The cost of ready-made skate apparel is sending me back to the needle!

tävling för barn

Typically dessa prov produkter kommer i form av dryck, spdbarnets mjlk, mat, elektronik (kameror, video kammar etc.
tävling för barn
En av de mest populra sajterna HULU som erbjuder Livstids filmer med drabba TV-program.

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