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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


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Love this!


I recently starting doing something similar. I use a wide-mouthed paper shopping bag...because I was tired of having to aim for my little bowl every time I cut the threads from a seam.

Jean Etheridge

I have a trash bowl on my sewing machine table and a trash basket, a real woven oak basket, on my cutting table. Can't live without them.


It really does help me to not have to think about that tiny bit of thread when I'm wrestling a quilt through the machine!

And...um...I needed an excuse to buy that cute little set of Liberty bowls at Target...ahem.


oooh Im so jealous!  What are you using as a cutting table?  Did you buy one specifically made for cutting? 

Crafty Mummy

Great tip! Thanks for sharing :)


Did some quilting yesterday and used a trash bowl. It worked great. I used to tape a plastic bag to the edge of the table but the bowl is much easier and you can toss in stuff you're not throwing away! Love it, thanks.

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